Toename diefstal uit rijdende vrachtwagens

Toename diefstal uit rijdende vrachtwagens

Wij ontvingen van de Politie Landelijke Eenheid Transportcriminaliteit een waarschuwingsbericht.
Het betreft toename van diefstal vanuit rijdende vrachtwagens in Duitsland, welke afkomstig zijn uit Nederland.


IIS Alert

Rise in Theft from Moving Vehicle Incidents.

We have received reports from the Dutch police that during the past two weeks, 5 incidents have occurred of trucks being opened or cut whilst driving.

Although the incidents appear to have happened in Germany, two of the trucks were travelling south and three were travelling northbound, they all originated from the Netherlands.

The Dutch police have advised to not only pay attention to drivers and the cargo on the road but also the distribution centres.

It cannot be ruled out that preferred cargo is being targeted and followed from the distribution centre areas.

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